The Rise, Fall and Rise of the Adventure Game

"You think you hear footsteps". Five simple words and my earliest memory of the graphic adventure genre. It was a huge responsibility for a seven year old; to be tasked with escaping a scientific research ship besieged by alien pirates. As I navigated the decks of the 'Arcada', the occasional onscreen prompt "You think you … Continue reading The Rise, Fall and Rise of the Adventure Game

Game Diary: Dark Souls III Part Two

Back to Part One 8th January – High Lord Wolnir After defeating the Abyss Watchers (eventually), Irithyll, where I would face my old nemesis Pontiff Sulyvhan, felt within touching distance. Before that happens, I would first need to negotiate through the cold, dark corridors of the Catacombs of Carthus. It is said that Carthus was once a great nation of swordsmen. … Continue reading Game Diary: Dark Souls III Part Two

Detroit vs Bandersnatch

This post discusses the Black Mirror event 'Bandersnatch' (very minor spoilers) and Quantic Dream's videogame 'Detroit: Become Human' (spoiler-free). I'm looking forward to discussing Detroit's storyline in a future blog post! Over the Christmas period I found myself in the fortunate position of reaching the end of two interactive movie experiences within the same week. … Continue reading Detroit vs Bandersnatch