Support Originality: A Follow-Up

I had an amazing response to my previous post about "supporting originality", especially within the smaller development teams. Many of the teams were extremely thankful just to be featured and it became obvious that there is a desperation for more visibility. I was afraid that the post might be portrayed as a little condescending, but … Continue reading Support Originality: A Follow-Up

Game Diary: Dark Souls III Part Two

Back to Part One 8th January – High Lord Wolnir After defeating the Abyss Watchers (eventually), Irithyll, where I would face my old nemesis Pontiff Sulyvhan, felt within touching distance. Before that happens, I would first need to negotiate through the cold, dark corridors of the Catacombs of Carthus. It is said that Carthus was once a great nation of swordsmen. … Continue reading Game Diary: Dark Souls III Part Two

Detroit vs Bandersnatch

This post discusses the Black Mirror event 'Bandersnatch' (very minor spoilers) and Quantic Dream's videogame 'Detroit: Become Human' (spoiler-free). I'm looking forward to discussing Detroit's storyline in a future blog post! Over the Christmas period I found myself in the fortunate position of reaching the end of two interactive movie experiences within the same week. … Continue reading Detroit vs Bandersnatch